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The tooth enamel layer that protects your teeth is very durable, but it’s not immune to the damages of tooth decay, breakage, or the fracturing of a tooth. The latter can often occur as a result of a blow to the face or a hard fall, though poor dental habits such as grinding your teeth or chewing on pens and pencils can also cause significant fracturing and chipping.

Often times, our dentist can correct a fractured tooth with a custom-made dental crown that protects the compromised tooth enamel. Dr. Paul Hanna recommends dental crown material largely based on the primary appearance and location of your affected tooth.

If there is sensitivity or sharp pain in the fractured tooth, this may indicate that the fracture has reached your tooth’s dentin and pulp, and the situation may need to be addressed with root canal treatment. But if the interior structure of the tooth is still in good shape, our dentist can remove the remaining tooth enamel to convert the tooth into an abutment to support the permanent dental crown. We will then form an impression of the area to send to a dental lab to have your crown made. While the crown is in process, we can protect the abutment with a temporary dental crown. Then, you can return to Paul Hanna, DMD PC for a brief second appointment to receive your permanent crown.

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