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Tooth sensitivity is one of the more common oral care complaints made by millions of Americans each year. It commonly causes a stinging sensation or discomfort when consuming hot, cold, sweet, or overly acidic things.

There are several potential causes that could contribute to tooth sensitivity problems. Tooth enamel erosion is one of the more common factors and can sometimes be remedied by increased fluoride exposure.

One easy way to start the process is to have Dr. Paul Hanna administer a fluoride treatment. This will quickly remineralize your tooth enamel to bolster its mineral density. Then he might recommend brushing your teeth with a toothpaste that includes added fluoride as well as making simple improvements to your daily oral hygiene routine.

If Dr. Hanna has further concerns about the strength of your tooth enamel, he might also provide you with a prescription for fluoride supplements. There are several forms that Dr. Hanna might recommend based on your personal preference. Concentrated fluoride toothpaste or mouth rinse tend to be popular choices.

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