Preventing a Baby Bottle Tooth Decay Relapse

Are you aware of baby bottle tooth decay? Read this post we've amassed to learn about this condition and its negative effects. Tooth decay in babies and young children is called baby bottle tooth decay since tooth break down in that age bracket is usually caused by substances high in... Read more »

Focus Your Oral Health Care on Composite Dental Fillings

Have you ever heard of composite fillings? Although dental amalgams are well-known dental fillings that have been around for over 150 years in America, they are known for their shiny metallic look they leave behind as well as for their inclusion of mercury. However, composite fillings are mercury-free and can... Read more »

Exposing Your Teeth to Increased Fluoride Can Help Reduce Tooth Sensitivity

Tooth sensitivity is one of the more common oral care complaints made by millions of Americans each year. It commonly causes a stinging sensation or discomfort when consuming hot, cold, sweet, or overly acidic things. There are several potential causes that could contribute to tooth sensitivity problems. Tooth enamel erosion... Read more »

The Advantages Veneers Can Bring to Your Smile

Do you have smile imperfections like cracked, stained, or misshapen teeth? If you are dreaming of a Hollywood smile, ask Dr. Paul Hanna about veneers in New London, Connecticut. Our dentist and team will happily consult with you and let you know how veneers can help your smile. Whiten Your... Read more »

Please Do Not Do These Things After Oral Surgery

If you want a top-notch oral health and smile after oral surgery, then you need to take the recovery process seriously. In fact, if you don’t heal properly, there is a good chance you can suffer complications. So, please remember to follow the instructions your dentist, Dr. Paul Hanna, gave... Read more »

Find the Answers to Your Cavity Questions Here

Tooth decay is a serious and dangerous dental issue that can be confusing and even overwhelming for many people in the world today. This often results in not knowing much about cavities in the first place. So, if you have questions or if you would like to learn more about... Read more »

A Brief Sketch of Dentistry Advances in the 1800s

Did you know that humans were cleaning teeth as early as 12,000 B.C.? Dentistry has had thousands of years to progress, but most of those years were actually relatively stagnant in comparison to the scientific and technological advances of the 1800s. Here’s a brief sketch of dentistry advances in the... Read more »

The Timeline of the Toothbrush

Humans have been brushing their teeth for thousands of years. Before dentistry science even existed, we naturally understood the virtues of keeping our teeth clean and bright. The following contains a brief timeline on the evolution of the toothbrush: 3500-3000 BC: Babylonians and Egyptians clean their teeth with the frayed... Read more »

A Sports Injury That Harms Your Lip Might Need First-Aid While Seeking Professional Care

Athletics and other rigorous activities can sometimes cause an accidental blow to the face. When this happens the trauma to you lip can sometimes be significant. In a situation like this, you might need to administer some basic first-aid while seeking professional care with our dentist, Dr. Paul Hanna. If... Read more »

Will Dental Bonding Help My Smile?

Things can happen over the course of your life that can affect your smile. Tooth decay might set in, your teeth may become cracked, chipped or discolored, roots can become exposed or a filling may need to be replaced. At Paul Hanna, DMD PC, we offer dental bonding to restore... Read more »