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While dental problems such as tooth decay or tooth abscess are often accompanied by telltale signs, a cracked tooth may be asymptomatic and can be very difficult to locate. In fact, even an oral exam or dental X-ray may not reveal cracks in your smile. Nevertheless, we encourage you to be aware of some of the signs of a cracked tooth so that you can seek treatment promptly.

The most common sign of a cracked tooth is dental pain, though it is often not continuous. Biting or chewing can irritate a dental crack, as well as using that tooth to enjoy a sweet, hot, or cold food or beverage. The pain, though potentially intense, is usually brief.

To help Dr. Paul Hanna locate the crack, keep a record of when and where the pain occurs and what you were doing at the time.

If you notice a visible crack in your tooth, even a small one, we encourage you to have it looked at and treated by our dentist. Cracks make your teeth vulnerable to tooth decay and dental infection, increasing your risk of needing root canal treatment or dental extraction to treat a significant dental issue. Minor cracks can often be repaired with a simple dental filling or crown, avoiding invasive dental treatment.

Please contact Paul Hanna, DMD PC today at 860-442-3323 if you are worried you have a cracked tooth. Dr. Paul Hanna will look at your smile and determine if you need treatment for a cracked tooth in New London, Connecticut.