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A consistent daily oral hygiene regimen and attending your twice-annual dental exam at Dr. Paul Hanna‘s New London, Connecticut clinic is critical for maintaining good oral health. There are multiple stages to the dental exam. Each is designed to address or monitor the health of every aspect of your mouth.

The first stage is a thorough dental cleaning performed by one of Dr. Paul Hanna‘s dental hygienists. They will meticulously remove all traces of plaque and tartar before polishing your teeth. If you have any areas of concern, please let them know so they can give it special attention and pass that information along to Dr. Paul Hanna.

The second stage of the appointment involves Dr. Paul Hanna performing a thorough examination of your teeth and gums, as well as screening for signs of oral cancer

If Dr. Paul Hanna sees signs of weakened tooth enamel he might recommend a fluoride treatment.

A concentrated fluoride gel will be poured into special trays that will be inserted in your mouth, along with a small suction wand. This will catch any extra saliva or loose fluoride gel. They will be held there for a few minutes. Ideally, you want to avoid eating or drinking for up to an hour after the treatment.

Dr. Paul Hanna might also advise cutting back on acidic beverages or making concerted improvements in your daily oral hygiene routine. Brushing your teeth with a toothpaste with added fluoride will also help maintain strong teeth.

If you live in the New London, Connecticut area and you are due for a dental checkup, you should call 860-442-3323 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Paul Hanna